When you look around in the “successful” people in life, they’re setting goals.

Often we’re immune to Critter Control Cost setting goals. The irony is you can’t arrive at a place you haven’t planned to reach. Either you can let life happen for you or you may be intentional about going someplace. Flexibility and letting things take their natural course have their place, but in case you don’t have any destination picked, you’re subject to what life will provide you, as opposed to pursuing with passion what you need.

In the upcoming year, what do you need? Below are 5 tips to make your aims stick:

1) Envision an inspirational aim. As you think back over the last year, what are you proud and excited about? What didn’t happen that you desired? What didn’t work? As you consider the past, start to consider the future (life, company, etc.). Where do you want to be one year from today? Visualize what that looks like if your life was exactly how you wanted it in 1 year. What could be happening? What is different? Allow yourself to visualize your objective. A vision that gets you pumped up and excited is something that you can work hard for. Start by writing your vision of what your aim would look like when it’s complete.

2) Be clear and succinct. Put this in the form of a SMART goal statement.

· Particular – precise.

· Achievable – it’s possible. (keep dreams in check)

· Realistic – Challenge yourself to grow and stretch.

· Timed – Have a completion/ achievement date.

3) Write goals in 1st person, with emotion and like they were complete.

I have a balanced and peaceful life working 40 hours a week earning $100K in a field I love, AND have 3 quality hours each day to spend with my household along with feeling great because I’m healthy (energy), healthy (140lbs.) And having fun (weekly action).

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4) Break it down and create a strategy. If you wish to accomplish your goal, divide the annual goal into monthly obligations. What will it take every month to move you closer to your objective? Every month break it down into weekly objectives. What will it take each week to achieve your monthly aim? Each week, break it down into daily goals of what it takes to accomplish your week’s goal. Although this might seem like plenty of work, it’s simply developing a roadmap that you follow directly to target success. It’s overwhelming and frequently tricky to find the measurable tasks that will need to occur daily to make your goal happen. By breaking it down, you have the ability to push and ensure that your objective is realistic and achievable.

Post it in 3 places where you can read it every day. Brian Tracey reports the single best thing you can do, however, is handwrite your goal each day until it’s done.

Increase in power and excitement as you begin moving toward your passions & intentions stronger as you’re making life happen instead of letting life happen to you.

What exactly are you aiming for now? Where would you like to be heading? Craft your goal now!

Goal Setting That Sticks

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